August 19, 2022

Is this the ‘start of something new’?

Zac Efron has revealed he is open to the possibility of a High School Musical reboot.

Efron got his big break when he starred in the iconic 2006 Disney Channel original movie alongside the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu.

The film then spawned a 2007 sequel, and a third film, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which was released in cinemas in 2008.

In an interview with E! News, the actor was asked if he would be interested in a High School Musical return, to which he replied: “Of course.”

He added: “I mean, to have an opportunity in any form to go back and work with that team would be so amazing. My heart is still there. That would be incredible. I hope it happens.”

The last High School Musical film came out in 2008, but the cast did virtually reunite for a Disney special during the pandemic with director Kenny Ortega.

However, Efron was not involved in this.

The franchise went through a minor reboot in 2019 when Disney released the television series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

The weirdly meta series is set at the same school which Troy and Gabriella attended, and follows a group of students at the school who stage their version of “High School Musical: the Musical.

The series is perhaps best known for launching the career of Olivia Rodrigo.

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