August 15, 2022

‘I’m still super pregnant’

A woman has wowed the internet with the size of her massive baby bump.

Renae posted a TikTok showing off her impressive bump last month, and it has since been viewed 38.3 million times.

The mother has documented her pregnancy on the video sharing platform and in this video sings along to the audio: “Oh hey, thanks for checking in.

“I’m still super f**king pregnant.”

At the time of the video, Renae was 37 weeks – and many couldn’t hide their disbelief at her sizeable bump.

@mommy1987003 #37weekspregnant tomorrow!! Can’t wait to meet my #rainbowbaby in 18 days, yes it’s just one. I’m sure???? gonna miss my #bigbump ♬ Im Still Super Fkn Pregnant – Chloe

One person commented that her baby “has his own land,” with another saying he’d “come out with a college degree.”

Another added: “He’s gonna come out 30 years old with a credit score of 800.”

Some voiced concern for the mother and her health but she posted a follow-up video responding to this.

She said: “I’ve stated in several of my videos I don’t have polyhydramnios or extra fluid or gestational diabetes.

“I had an ultrasound not that long ago; fluid is normal, the baby is measuring a week and 4 days ahead. I have a high risk doctor.”

Renae called out doctors on TikTok who she felt had shamed her about her belly size and were giving her unsolicited advice on her pregnancy.

Late last month, Renae gave birth to her baby boy via C-section. Her newborn weighed in at 9lbs (4.3kg) and measured 57cm.

She said her son’s head measured around 38.1cm.

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