August 14, 2022

She explained to TikTokers why she still paid the tattoo artist

A woman claimed that she left a tattoo studio before her latest tat was anywhere near finished after being fat-shamed by the man inking her up.

Dalina, who goes by the name @senoracabrone on TikTok, opened up about the ordeal on the social media platform.

She explained how she initially met the man who body shamed her at the gym.

“He approached me specifically because of my tattoos,” she told her followers.

Dalina said the man gave her his card and she decided upon a tattoo that she wanted to have done with him as the artist.

However this turned out to be “the worst tattoo experience of [her] life.”

Dalina wondered if she was being over dramatic about the situation but commenters said otherwise (Credit: @senoracabrona)

The tattoo was on her stomach, so she was shirtless during the procedure.

Dalina explained: “He just starts talking about how unsymmetrical I was, calling my boobs ‘tits’.

“But the last straw, I turn around and he goes, ‘Ah, I get why I see you in the gym all the time. You’ve got back rolls.”

At this point, Dalina said she “got up and I paid him and I left” – but she wasn’t sure if this reaction was too dramatic or not.

At the end of the video, the TikToker paused, before asking, “Am I crazy?”

@senoracabrona I just had a panic attack in my car #fyp #tattoo #foryou #foryoupage #tattooartist #horrorstory ♬ original sound – Dalina

Based on the reaction on social media, it appears not. The video has been watched 15.4 million times, with thousands rushing to offer support in the comments.

“I am SO sorry this happened to you. My jaw dropped. You are STUNNING,” another said, “So inappropriate.”

Some TikTokers were confused as to why Dalina still paid the tattoo artist, until she explained (Credit: @senoracabrona) Some TikTokers were confused as to why Dalina still paid the tattoo artist, until she explained (Credit: @senoracabrona)

One of the commenters asked why Dalina paid the tattoo artist. She responded by explaining how she is 5ft 1in in height while the tattoo artist was over 6ft tall. She said they were also in a garage he uses for a studio, where the only exit was one he has to manually open.

She said: “Who’s to say that he wouldn’t get angry and possibly physical if I were to, say, get up and try to short him his money?

“So I had him finish the outline and I was like ‘yeah my husband needs me’ and I got up and I left.”

A female tattoo artist offered to finish Dalina's tattoo for free (Credit: @senoracabrona) A female tattoo artist offered to finish Dalina’s tattoo for free (Credit: @senoracabrona)

While the support was most likely welcomed by the TikToker, she explained how she still needed someone to fix the “huge outline” on her stomach.

In a later video, Dalina said she had received multiple offers to help and that a female artist was going to pick up where the male tattoo artist had left off for free.

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