August 11, 2022

A bunch drips fighting over drip

In a clip now gone viral on social media, an entire crowd of fashion fans began scrapping and throwing hands as they queued up for the latest Supreme x Burberry releases during an opening day event on Thursday, March 10,

As you can see in the video posted by a reseller brand and fashion enthusiast account, the mass brawling was sparked outside the Dover Street Market location in Manhattan, New York after it would seem an individual or two tried queue jump.

It did not go down well…

The montage shows numerous people getting involved in multiple different altercations, as not only the eager shopper start punching each other but others some are even smashed up against FedEx vans in live traffic.

Around a minute or so into the clip, you can hear the sirens of police squad cars as local officers arrived on the scene to try and defuse the situation. According to the New York Post, an NYPD spokesperson said no injuries were reported at the location and it is not thought that any arrests were made.

Neither Burberry nor Supreme have commented on the situation at this time but after the release items were initially sold for anywhere between $54 and £1,029, many items are now being listed for resale online, with some marked up by as much as 600%.

Credit: – A simple Supreme x Burberry t-shirt, originally retailing for $54, now being sold for a whopping $300

While we can all understand the etiquette of queuing up – someone cutting in line would get anyone’s nerves – it’s fair to say some of these people might want to take their obsession with clothes a little less seriously.

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