August 14, 2022

The images were reportedly shared with the passengers onboard via Apple’s AirDrop service

The captain of a Turkish AnadoluJet flight cancelled its take-off after a number of passengers onboard received pictures of a plane crash on their phones.

The aircraft had been set to take off from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport and was taxiing to the runway when the incident happened.

All 160 of the flights passengers were taken off the plane, along with the crew, and the luggage was checked.

Several young Israelis around the age of 18 were identified as suspects and were questioned, the Times of Israel reports. The flight eventually set off five hours later once it was cleared to leave.

The AnadoluJet Boeing 737 was on its way to its takeoff position when passengers onboard received disturbing plane crash images on their phones. They then alerted the crew to this, with the captain deciding to return to the terminal once he was informed.

News site Hebrew Ynet reported that the images were shared via AirDrop, a service available on iPhones which allows users to easily send pictures and files to another Apple device within in short distance.

Among the pictures were images of a Turkish Airlines plane crash in the Netherlands in 2009 and a plane crash in the United States in 2013.

Once the plane had been inspected once more and cleared for flight, passengers were told they could either reboard or stay in Israel.

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