August 8, 2022

Boris Johnson was appearing on Good Morning Britain for the first time since 2019

Boris Johnson was grilled by Susanna Reid in a car crash interview on Tuesday morning in which he admitted to not doing enough to help struggling families, and asked who Lorraine Kelly was.

Johnson also faced questioning over the partygate scandal and whether he was a liar.

‘Are you honest Prime Minister?’

In his first interview on GMB since 2019, Boris Johnson was asked by Reid whether he was “honest.”

Johnson replied: “Yes, and I think the best way to judge that is to look at what this government says it’s going to do and what it does.”

But he was quickly cut short by Reid, who simply asked for a “straight answer.”

The Prime Minister responded that he does his best to “represent faithfully and accurately what I believe” but admitted that sometimes he is “controversial” and “offends people.”

Cost of living crisis admission

When asked about the current cost of living crisis, Johnson admitted that the £9bn in government help promised by Chancellor Rishi Sunak was “not going to be enough to immediately cover everyone’s costs.”

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But he warned that increasing state support could drive inflation up even more.

Speaking about the energy crisis, he said: “This country is in the insane position of having to take in, pipe in, electricity from France and elsewhere because we haven’t done enough to invest in our own security of energy and electricity.”

Boris’ freedom pass claim

Reid then confronted him with the story of a 77-year-old woman who sits on the bus all day using her freedom pass because she can’t afford to heat her home.

The Prime Minister responded by incorrectly saying that he had introduced the pass, which actually began in 1973.

‘Who’s Lorraine?’

But for some the most shocking moment perhaps came at the end, when the Prime Minister revealed just how out of touch he is.

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As the interview came to a close, Reid told Johnson that they had to wrap it up because “Lorraine is waiting” to start her show, which follows GMB.

The PM replied: “Who’s Lorraine?”

Of course, Lorraine then gave a typically iconic response, simply saying “wow.”

This was the first time that the Prime Minister had appeared on the ITV morning news show since 2019, when he infamously hid in a fridge to avoid questions.

We’ll let you be the judge on whether this was a more successful outing or not.

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