August 11, 2022

What a way to do it

The play-off final is a big day, but also an expensive one. Match tickets, transport, booze, taking out a mortgage to afford anything inside Wembley Stadium, it all adds up.

One of the biggest expenses of the day can be the transport down there and for Sunderland fans heading down to the capital for their play-off final against Wycombe Wanderers on May 21, it’s no different.

Transport prices are a huge issue in the UK

At the time of writing, there’s just nine days to go until the big occasion, and for many fans, they will be looking at paying some extortionate amounts to get to England’s home of football.

According to Trainline, fans of the Black Cats will have to spend as much as £344 for a return ticket. That’s without a railcard, but even then, you’re still looking at astronomical prices.

One fan has come up with a genius alternative

It goes without saying, but that’s nothing short of a disgrace. But for the love of your football club, some people will reluctantly pay that. Others however, have come up with an alternative.

One Sunderland fan has in fact taken the decision to fly down to London but he will make a short pit stop in none other than Spain.

Yes, you read that right, Spain.

The fan shared his flight details in which he revealed he would be flying to the Balearic Island of Menorca before catching a connecting flight to London Stansted, where he will then make his way to Wembley Stadium.

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He tweeted saying: “It’s actually happening, I’m flying to Menorca to get to Wembley, an absolute bargain at £23 and a cheeky day in the sun, I’ll see you all in Trafalgar Square, if a little burnt.”

Surely that costs more, you’re asking? Wrong! The total cost is £23, twenty-three of the Queen’s finest Great British pounds.

While we’re all applauding him for the bargain, it really does highlight the ever-growing issue with the rising prices of public transport across the country.

If they win, he might even be able to celebrate with a cheeky sangria on the way home at Menorca airport.

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