August 14, 2022

‘Oh no! Mikey!’

We’ve all heard the old adage that having a bird poop on you is good luck. Well one sign language interpreter in Australia will be hoping that the same applies to owls.

Mike Webb was translating at a news conference in Queensland for premier Annastacia Palaszcuk. Deputy Premier Steven Miles was speaking and Mike was translating, using Australian sign language (Auslan).

As Miles was discussing flood subsidies in the state, he heard Webb swear behind him and a woman behind the camera exclaiming: “Oh no! Mikey!”

When Miles turns around, he realises that the interpreter has been the victim of an aerial assault.

The poor translator’s shoulder is covered in bird poo, with some even landing on his head. He quickly removes the jacket, before being offered a tissue to clean himself up by a friendly policeman.

However being the professional that he is, he carries on with his job.

Webb apologises for his swearing, before Miles says: “I’m gonna answer quickly.”

Cue laughter all round, even from the interpreter.

Palaszczuk later took to Twitter to praise the interpreter, writing: “Nothing stops our fabulous Mikey.

“He stands by my side, he stands by Queensland’s side. By the way, it was an owl.”

Queensland police even got involved, tweeting that they have “launched an investigation into this fly by hooting.”

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It’s not the first time an animal has disrupted a Queensland news conference.

In a less funny and much more terrifying incident last December, a huntsman spider crawled up the leg of the state’s health minister, Yvette D’Ath while she was speaking to the media.

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