February 3, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Brits have been left both shocked and in hysterics by Asda’s latest festive product line of a Christmas-themed lube range.

Images were shared on the Reddit page CasualUK of a bottle of “tingle all the way” prompting a mixture of shock and laughter from many.

Adorned with snowflakes and a traditional festive green colour scheme the product, which has not been tested on animals, is available at the bargain price of just £2.50 for a 75ml bottle.

As if often the case with this sort of thing, many saw an opportunity to flex their comic muscles, and the comments section was soon filled with x-rated Christmas jokes.

“It helps Santa up the chimney,” one user said.

“Love a bit of stuffing on Christmas Day,” said another.

The Asda marketing team don’t miss a trick (Reddit)

A third added: “Helps the big guy empty his sack.”

“They’ll be no Silent Night when this gets used,” said another.

“Tingle balls tingle balls tingle all the way,” a user chipped in.

Others were less focused on making jokes, and were more intrigued by the product itself.

One Redditor wondered if the ‘tingle all the way’ pun was a reference to the ingredients in the lube.

They wrote: “I’m trying to think what they’ve put in it that makes it tingle. Something similar to the active ingredient in Original Source mint & tea tree shower gel? Now that would definitely be a night to remember.”

The original posted of the image replied: “It tingles with the joy of Christmas, obviously.”

Available at the bargain price of just £2.50 (Asda)

We’ll leave you with two more jokes from the comments section.

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“Santa only comes once a year,” said one joker.

And another quipped: “Someone is going to be saying Oh Oh Oh this Christmas”.

Give yourselves a pat on the back everyone.

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