August 8, 2022

More money to spend on popcorn and sweets

With the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness due on May 5, many of you are no doubt looking forward to enjoying the mystical mayhem of Marvel’s second Doctor Strange instalment.

However if you are yet to book your tickets for director Sam Raimi’s new Marvel flick, then fear not – because we may be able to provide you with some advice that can help you save some coin.

Looking into the price of cinema tickets, found that Vue cinemas are charging far less than their competitors, Odeon and Cineworld – which is good news for us punters.

Analysts found that Vue cinemas typically charge £6.57 for both an adult and child ticket – while a family of four can expect to pay on average £26.28. In contrast, if you choose Cineworld, you could be looking at a 97 per cent price increase to £12.94. Meanwhile, Odeon is even pricier, coming in at £13.39, which is a 104 per cent increase.

Essentially, Vue is, on average, 50 per cent cheaper than its competitors.

Location also factors in, with cinemas in London predictably charging the most.

Turns out, you can bag the cheapest tickets in Swansea, with cinema seats on average costing £6.79 across all three chains.

“This data proves that some planning would be beneficial before rushing to the big screen as the same experience could be significantly more expensive depending on where you opt to go to the cinema,” said Anita Naik, Lifestyle Editor at

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You can find your nearest Vue cinema by clicking the link here.

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