August 20, 2022

The most heartfelt of best wishes

Viewers tuning in to see Piers Morgan’s new TalkTV programme were left reeling by a surprise Ricky Gervais cameo, as the comedian appeared for a brief moment to steal the show.

Appearing via a pre-recorded message, the 60-year-old comic signed off Morgan’s first show with a deeply sincere message wishing him “good luck” – by which, of course, we mean the exact opposite.

As you can see in the brief snippet, Gervais said that he was contacted by the producers and asked to be a potential guest – to which he responded, “absolutely not”.

They then asked if he would be willing to wish him good luck; Gervais asked, “do I have to mean it?” – they said no and so he jokingly said “good luck”.

It’s safe to say it got a mixed reaction:

While a large amount of the audience were surprised and many clearly took umbrage to seeing The Office creator and star appear on the alternative news and opinion show – with one commenter even suggesting it was carefully crafted to “enrage moderates” – this isn’t the first time the two have collaborated.

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Gervais twice appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight, though it is worth adding that the pair often took opposed and knowingly faux-adversarial stances towards each other, much like Morgan’s interactions with the likes of Gary Lineker and many others.

Much of the discussion surrounding TalkTV’s launch has been around Morgan’s upcoming interview with former President Donald Trump, who cut their conversation short and stormed out in true Piers fashion, which is yet to air in the UK.

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