August 13, 2022

It is thought he could also be without his passport

A Scottish family has reported their brother missing after he went to the toilet during the Europa League final against Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday and never came back.

The 42-year-old, identified as Gordon Smith from Renfrew, was attending the match with his brother Craig, 23, when he went missing after the game finished and has failed to make contact since.

Gordon’s Sister, Danielle Ashleigh, said her brother was last seen after the match, telling the Daily Record that he went to the toilet at the fan zone, while Craig had his things.

She said that “Gordon never returned back to where Craig was waiting for him” and that the younger sibling has been looking for Smith ever since. Danielle went on to add that “their belongings were stolen at some point in the early hours” and although Craig is unsure whether Gordon’s passport was in their bags, “his phone and money definitely were”.

Credit: Smith family

Danielle says that the two brothers were staying at a farmhouse in the area but is unaware of the exact address, adding: “I reckon if he had made his way back there he’d have contacted someone at home to let us help him get home.”

The pair weren’t set to fly home May 20, but their family is worried given they have no way of contacting Gordon. Craig is now said to be “with family members and is getting help to get home”.

As many as 100,000 Rangers were said to have flooded the city for the much-anticipated final, meaning the crowds surrounding the already well-attended match are even larger than normal.

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The Smith family is urging anyone with information to come forward and is also in the process of contacting local police and the British Embassy for help.

Hoping the power of social media will help bring him home, Danielle issued the following urgent: “If anyone happens to bump into Gordon, please let me know and get in touch so I can give him my phone number.”

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