August 13, 2022

The 13-seater jet got caught in an electrical storm

Queen Elizabeth’s private jet was forced to abort its landing as it attempted to fly back to London after getting caught in an electrical storm on Tuesday.

The royal aircraft set off from Aberdeen after the Queen paid a visit to Balmoral last Thursday ahead of a busy week of celebrations for her Platinum jubilee when the plane had to be brought back down not long after taking flight.

Amid ropey weather, the 13-seater jet experience intense weather conditions including thunder, lightning and significant hail during an electrical storm on Tuesday.

The pilot is said to have circled the plane over the English capital for 15 minutes before eventually making a second successful landing at RAF Northolt in North West London.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said in a statement: “The Queen’s flight was delayed due to a lightning storm, all the correct procedures were followed and there were no safety concerns.” The Queen was pictured having returned to Windsor shortly after.

This comes just a day off before the Queen’s jubilee festivities which mark 70 years on the throne – making her the longest-serving British monarch ever, just behind Louis XIV of France (72 years and 110 days) who holds the world title.

While the UK prepares for this unprecedented milestone, with many looking forward to toasting the monarch’s reign as well as an extended four-day Bank Holiday weekend, others are questioning why people should celebrate the occasion at all.

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