August 8, 2022

The attack has been labelled a ‘war crime’ by Sajid Javid

A pregnant woman who was pictured being rescued from the bombed hospital in the Mariupol has tragically died along with her baby.

Despite being rushed to hospital following the attack on the hospital by Russian forces last week, she was unable to be saved, AP News reports.

As she realised she was losing her baby whilst doctors tried to save her, she reportedly cried out: “Kill me now!”

The image of her being evacuated on a stretcher quickly went viral, but Russia denies attacking the hospital and has labelled the outcry over the attack as “pathetic.”


The attack in Mariupol prompted international outcry, and on Monday morning Health Secretary Sajid Javid told Sky News that he does believe the hospital bombing constitutes a war crime.

He told the broadcaster: “It’s an appalling atrocity; it’s a war crime because under international law you cannot attack health facilities, hospitals.”

But he added that it’s widely accepted that this is not the only hospital attack carried out by Russia in Ukraine, and that the World Health Organisation has documented evidence of at least 31 such attacks on health facilities, hospitals – including shelling, a couple of days ago, of a cancer hospital as well.”

Another woman rescued from the hospital gave birth to a healthy baby girl the day after the attack.

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But Russia has claimed she is a “crisis actor” and that the story is “fake news.”

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