August 13, 2022

You have to say a secret code to get your hands on a cheap pint

Brits can get pints for just 6p today to help them get into the bank holiday mood.

The Queen’s celebratory weekend is forecast to be a big one – with over 70,000 lunches and more than 2,000 street parties planned across the country. Pubs will also stay open until 1am to mark the monarch’s 70-year reign.

To get people excited about the super short work week, Greene King pubs are giving customers super-discounted beer in honour of the Her Majesty’s celebrations.

The deal is only available Monday – so you need to get to the pub today.

To get your pint for a pittance, say the code “1952” when you order at the bar. The code is in reference to the year the Queen was coronated.

Cheers to 6p pints

Andrew Gallagher of Greene King Local Pubs said: “We wanted to take our customers back to where it all began in 1952 – a time when Vera Lynn ruled the charts and pints were only 6p.

“Some of our regulars may even remember watching the coronation back in 1952, although they may have been too young to enjoy a pint then.”

Running from Thursday to Sunday, the Platinum Jubilee will formally feature a big lineup of events, with £28 million helping fund 70,000 lunches, 1,458 public events, 2,000 street parties, and a massive concert inside Buckingham Palace.

Of course, not all Brits will be keen to celebrate Her Majesty’s milestone, and loads of other anti Jubilee events are happening across the country too – including ‘Stuff the Jubilee’ picnics, ‘Scrap the Monarchy’ garden parties, and a ‘F*** the Jubilee’ punk festival in Bristol.

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