August 14, 2022

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Phillip Schofield struggled to keep it together on Thursday as he listened to the unlikely love story between a woman and an alien – who also happened to be invisible.

This Morning can be slightly unorthodox at the best times, but Phil and Holly were somewhat befuddled by Emanuela Rose, an American living in London who not only claims to have been abducted by aliens invisible to the human eye, but also that she has been in a relationship with one for the past year.

Appearing on the sofa with an inflatable green martian as a representation of her beau, having previously insisted that she is too fearful he will be “taken to Area 51” if they go out in public together, Emanuela insists that “once you go alien you’ll forget Earthmen”.

At this point, the 60-year-old presenter looks directly down the camera in confoundment.

Schofield’s bewilderment continues as Rose explains that not only is she intimate with her extra-terrestrial partner but the two also go on dates “to the cinema and stuff”, where he takes on a “different form”.

She even claims that the two can communicate “telepathically” and “don’t speak to each other” as the human brain simply cannot process their energy. Instead the couple simply “hug, hold and kiss”.

Aside from listening to her numerous out-of-this-world claims, viewers certainly seemed to get some enjoyment out of experiencing the ride along with Phil and Holly.

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A story in four parts:

Rose went on to post a video following her appearance on the show, insisting that the two were going home to “rest…kiss and cuddle”, as well as calling for Joe Rogan to contact them so they can appear on his show.

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