June 28, 2022

The man has since ‘given his life to God’

After being resuscitated following a near-fatal stabbing, a man grabbed his doctor and claimed he had met the devil whilst medically dead.

In a now-viral TikTok, an unnamed doctor from St. Joseph Mercy Oakland hospital thinks back to a case where a young man, aged between 22 and 23, was stabbed in the heart after a drug deal went wrong. The video was posted to @outterdarkness where people submit stories relating to topics like Christianity, hell, the devil and angels.

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Recalling the story, the doctor remembers seeing the man’s chest wide open, as a fellow doctor, identified as Dr Forester, wouldn’t let him go “without a fight”.

The patient was then whisked off to surgery and given a blood transfusion and luckily they were able to repair the damage and find his pulse.

But here’s when things get creepy.

Following the life saving procedure, the doctor narrating the TikTok was watching over the patient and explained: “After about four hours, he woke up, looked me in the eye and grabbed me, and started crying and sobbing, and said [he] met the devil. I saw you working on me, I was dead.”

Essentially, the man got a sneak peak at Lil Nas X’s music video

The doctor added: “[He said] he went straight down into hell and looked straight in the eyes of the devil.”

The man said he started praying for the first time, until an unexplained forces – which describes as an angel – hoisted him up from hell and presumably back into his body.

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“It was the most amazing experience because he was legit, I mean nobody makes up an experience like that,” the doctor recalled.

“The last I heard, he’s completely changed his life; he gave his life to God, and I still to this day… the look in his eye when he woke up, the terror, I’m absolutely convinced he did meet the devil.”

The TikTok has since been viewed over seven million times, all while racking up close to one million likes and thousands of comments.

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