August 14, 2022

Loads of us still use the words “password” and “qwerty” in our passwords, data has revealed

Everybody needs to “drop passwords altogether” and use other technology to protect their details from hackers, a cybersecurity expert has said.

We all have a nightmare remembering our passwords, and many of us use the same one for multiple accounts. What’s more, is that “password” and “qwerty” are amongst the most used passwords globally, recent data revealed.

But according to Grahame Williams, identity and access management director at defence firm Thales, passwords are becoming “increasingly insecure” and “easily hacked”.

If you’re still using ‘123456’ as your password, it might be time to have a re-think…

He said:”Research has come out in the last few days showing the number of CEOs who are still using ‘12356’ as their password is actually quite comical – the assumption is that we’ve moved away from that but actually the data really isn’t supporting that.”

“We know that people are using these ridiculously easy passwords, but the most alarming fact is that they’re not actually just using them for one thing, they use that password over and over again.

“So if somebody gets access to one of your passwords they get access to your crown jewels.”

A man working remotely on his laptop with a pad and paper Remote working has apparently made us more vulnerable to hackers (iStock)

He said that, with everyone working remotely and people going online to shop for everything, the threat from hackers is getting increasingly worse.

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