August 8, 2022

‘I am a colour because I am white’

Radio presenter Nick Ferrari has claimed he is a person of colour in an interview with a guest on his LBC show.

Ferrari was speaking to Black race scholar Mike Bankole, who is currently conducting research on race, racism and political representation, on his morning LBC show, MyLondon reports.

But during the interview, the two became embroiled in a discussion about the term “person of colour” which is a term often used to describe racial minorities.

This resulted in Ferrari claiming he is a person of colour “because I am white.”

The pair had been discussing micro-aggressions and overt racism in everyday society when Ferrari said: “You are saying white isn’t a colour.”

He went on to say: “I am of colour of course because I am white. What am I, if I’m not a person of colour? What is white then?”

Bankole responded: “You are a white man Nick, you are not a person of colour”.

He tweeted after the exchange: “Nick Ferrari just tried to convince me that, as a white man, he is person of colour. How’s your morning going?”

He labelled the conversation as “bizarre.”

Listeners were quick to voice their anger at Ferrari’s comments, with one saying: “Nick Ferrari arguing that he is a person of colour because he’s white, and white is a colour, is a whole new level of ignorance.”

Another said highlighted the irony of Ferrari trying to “whitesplain” to a race researcher what a person of colour is.”

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