August 8, 2022

Mums get krunk to

A mum has learned a hard lesson after accidentally eating three of her daughter’s weed cookies and proceeding to laugh at a mop in a video on TikTok.

“I hate kids,” TikTok user @mamashorti wrote to her 262k followers. The video begins with Mamashorti’s daughter covering her mouth in disbelief as she approaches her mother. Crumbs are scattered across the table alongside a cheeky cuppa, which was about to taste far nicer thanks to a little thing called munchies.

@mamashorti I hate kids ? #imok #mamawasntharmed #mamashorti @livss17 ♬ original sound – Shorti

“How many of those have you had?” her daughter asks. Mamashorti is filling out paperwork of some kind as her daughter points directly to the cookie and questions once more, “How many exactly have you had?”

“Three, they taste a bit weird though,” the mum replies, crumbs still in her mouth.

This is when the realisation sets in, confirmed by her daughter, who says, “there’s bud in them.” As Mamashorti tries to spit out the crumbs, she questions what her daughter means. “Three whole ones?” her daughter asks again in disbelief.

“Why is their drugs in the cookie?” Mamashorti asks before coughing.

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The video then cuts to her daughter once more, with hysterical laughing in the background. The camera then pans to show Mamashorti, doubled over with laughter as she lifts a mop in the air.

Lifting up the mop, she laughs, “As bent as my life”, before adding, “I can’t stop”, as her wheezing takes over. Mamashorti’s daughter is still visibly bewildered, her face aghast as she watches her mum.

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TikTok users are just as stunned, with one person replying: “You can tell it already hit her by her eyes, omg absolutely hilarious content!”

UnSplash Via UnSplash

Others shared their own personal journeys with marijuana.

“I let my mom hit my vape and then we went to home goods. She was afraid to go inside. She went back to the car 2 times and ended up hiding in the rugs,” one user recalled.

Another wrote: “I wish this happened to me when I ate edibles but no I’m stuck on the couch trying not to die, and reminding myself to breathe.”

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