August 11, 2022

Ambitious, to say the least

A Manchester United fan group have issued a ‘rallying call’ to fellow supporters, asking them to protest against major sponsors and stakeholders online… by clicking on their adverts.

‘The 1958’ have led the organisation of protests against the ownership of the club in recent weeks, with a large crowd turning out to voice their displeasure against the Glazer Family.

The group posted a tweet on Wednesday night, captioned: “Calling all reds! Tonight we launch our worldwide cyber campaign against the Glazer stakeholders.

“Each week we’ll be focusing on one Stakeholder at a time and posting two easy tasks every few days that week.

“This week we start with: Adidas

“Do your bit, save your club.”

How are they going to protest against adidas, you might be thinking. And why take aim at the kit supplier?

By clicking on their Google adverts, apparently.

The post describes their objective as: “Reduce the effectiveness of Stakeholders’ advertising budgets.”

In the following section, it lays out the approach to be taken by disgruntled fans.

“Companies spend huge sums on advertising and one of the costliest is Google. Each Google search includes adverts at the top of each page of results.

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“Click on these ads, it costs the Stakeholder money,” it continues.

In essence, The 1958 group believe if enough fans click on these ads enough times, it will drain stakeholders’ advertising budgets.

The post also explains a social media strategy to draw negative press to major stakeholders, which entails replying to their posts with imagery of anti-Glazer protests.

The response to this rallying call has been mixed, with some fans seemingly fully bought into the Google ad strategy, pledging to boycott United’s kit supplier. While other fans, mostly of other clubs, are not convinced.

“Almost charmingly naive,” one Twitter use wrote.

Only time will tell…

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