August 20, 2022

Video of the incident sparked outrage on social media

A man who allegedly kicked a kitten into the sea outside a Greece restaurant could potentially face up to a decade in prison, according to reports.

If found guilty of animal cruelty, the as-yet-unnamed man featured in the viral video clip could also land himself a fine of around €50,000 or £42,000 in addition to prison time, following strict new laws passed by the Greek government designed to protect animals.

As covered in multiple outlets, a video shared on social media appears to show a man kicking a small black and white cat into the sea after luring it closer with some food.

At first, we see a mystery individual with two small cats by his feet whilst dining outside a seaside restaurant which is believed to be on the island of Evia.

Whilst tempting one of the small kittens closer with a piece of fish, the individual then suddenly moves his leg, kicking the feline off of the restaurant decking and into the shallow sea waters below.

Meanwhile, the second cat narrowly escapes the same fate.

Thankfully, concerned locals allegedly rescued the the cat from the water and have since assured the public that it is fine.

According to reports, the man in the video has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after concerned viewers reported the video to the local authorities.

The incident also elicited a response from Greece’s Police Minister Takis Theodorikakos who hit home the fact that “violence against animals is unacceptable” in a message posted on to Facebook.

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“A while ago a person was arrested by the Greek Police who kicked and flew a kitten into the sea,” he said in a recent post.

“The government has passed a strict law on protecting animals from abuse which is now in effect, but in every case this is a matter of humanity and culture.

“I am deeply saddened for those who abuse animals and for those who tolerate it. I heartily salute those who pointed out the issue. The reason now belongs to Greek justice.”

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