August 20, 2022

Rock on cockatoo, rock on

After purchasing a cockatoo from Craigslist, a TikTok creator was startled upon learning that the bird could sing songs. Unfortunately, the bird only sings an obscure death metal song from the noughties.

The “most responsible pet owner in Wisconsin”, whose actual name is Bödan Reykjavik, purchased an Australian Sulphur-crested Cockatoo from the popular and only slightly-dodgy advertising site Craigslist.

@bodanrankovicman buys cockatoo INSTANTLY regrets it

♬ original sound – Bödan Reykjavik

Reykjavik now regrets his decision largely because of his pet’s unique music taste.

“So this is dumb. I just bought a cockatoo from someone on Craigslist, and it keeps on making these noises,” he explained in a TikTok that has since been viewed over 2m times. As his owner is trying to explain the story, the unnamed cockatoo can be heard kicking off, which Reykjavik subtitled as “Raaaaaawwr.”

Reykjavik then asked his fellow TikTokers whether they had heard the bizarre sounds before.

The animal then seemingly answers the question himself, singing “‘let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor” in near-perfect pitch. Seriously, someone get this bird a recording contract.

Via UnSplash

He seems to genuinely be having an amazing time as his lyrical pronunciation gets clearer and confirms he is singing Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.”

The second half of the video is like an animation fever dream set to the bird’s favourite song. While his owner’s caption reads, “man buys cockatoo INSTANTLY regrets it”, it appears as if the talented pretty Polly has won Reykjavik over.

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Even if he does choose to get rid of the loud animal, the bird now has a plethora of loyal fans.

“That’s not a cockatoo, it’s a Rockatoo!” said one user, while another wrote: “He can’t fly because he’s pure metal.”

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