August 13, 2022

The doc is ‘coming very soon’

Machine Gun Kelly has detailed how he once “snapped” and put a loaded gun in his mouth while on the phone with fiancee Megan Fox.

In his new Hulu documentary entitled “Life in Pink”, the 32-year-old rapper, real name Colson Baker, spoke on a dark night in July 2020, at the height of the covid pandemic. At the time he was mourning the loss of his father.

“I wouldn’t leave my room and I started getting really, really, really dark. Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie and I started getting this really wild paranoia. Like, I kept getting paranoid that someone was gonna come and kill me,” he said. “I called Megan. I was like, ‘You aren’t here for me.’ I’m in my room and I’m, like, freaking out on her.

“Dude, I put the shotgun in my mouth.”

He added: “And I’m yelling on the phone and like the barrel’s in my mouth. And I go to cock the shotgun and the bullet, as it comes back up, the shell just gets jammed. Megan’s like dead silent.”

Kelly also spoke on his issues with addiction and mental health. He then realised “something’s not right” when Fox, 36, and his 12-year-old daughter both shared that they didn’t want to be “talking to [him] through a veil anymore.”

He explained: “‘I want to like, see you as my father’ and ‘I want to see you as my husband-to-be’ and I was like, I need to kick the drugs for real this time.”

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