August 19, 2022

You can all rest easy now

This – without a single shred of doubt – is the news each and every one of you has been waiting to hear. Did a Lyon player really get controversially dumped from first team to reserve squad for farting?

As much as we badly wanted it to be the case, sadly, it appears it isn’t so.

Reports from French outlet L’Equipe claimed on Tuesday that former Lyon – now Bordeaux – defender Marcelo was demoted from the Ligue 1 side’s first team for farting and laughing about it after a game.

Lyon were said to have dressed it up as ‘inappropriate behaviour’, stopping short of providing details.

Marcelo clears the air

The man in question has now taken to Twitter – ending a lengthy spell away from the platform in the process – to… ahem, clear the air. 

In a tweet posted on Tuesday afternoon, he said: Thanks to @lequipe, after a long time, I have to come back to @Twitter to deny all the allegations. Journalism nowadays is a joke!”

Exactly what we’d expect someone to say who’d been dropped for farting, to be honest.

Despite his protests, the Brazilian wasn’t backed up, with Lyon’s legendary free-kick master Juninho Pernambucano responding to his tweet with what can only be described as an even stranger response.

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He said: “See, I told you, defender has to fart loud, long and stinky. Yours was only loud, then it’s weak.”

What the fuck is going on, honestly?

Anyway. Lyon are currently having a less than impressive campaign in the French top flight and currently find themselves sitting eighth in the table. Maybe they should focus more on playing football and less on owning up to farting in the changing room.

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