August 20, 2022

Very method from R-Batz, this

As hordes of DC fans pile into their local cinemas to watch the highly anticipated The Batman following its release last week, it would seem it wasn’t just the audience that managed to make their way into the packed screens – a live bat also found its way in.

Twitter user Jeremiah shared a video from his screening at the Moviehouse & Eatery by Cinépolis in Austin, Texas, in which moviegoers were shocked to see a bat flapping around the theatre.

It is thought that one audience member, who clearly takes the symbol of the bat more seriously than others, brought the live bat into the screening and released it intentionally.

Either a silly little gag or that bat really wanted to see—well, maybe just hear the movie.

More footage also posted to Twitter showed the cinema staff doing their best to corral the nocturnal creature into the corner, warning those seated: “If you are uncomfortable with being in the dark with the bat, please remove yourself now”:

Rather than hanging upside down in the corner and doing its best impression of Pattinson on screen, the cinema’s spokesperson assured regional news arm CBS Austin that “local animal control was immediately contacted, and they have been overseeing the situation to ensure guest, associate and animal safety”.

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As one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, The Batman has already become the second-biggest pandemic box office debut behind Spider-Man: No Way Home, earning over $128m. It’s also getting some pretty strong reviews.

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