February 3, 2023

Absolutely brutal

Laura Woods has savagely responded to a fan after he tried to shoot his shot on Twitter.

The presenter, who is known for her witty responses on social media, was asking her followers for holiday tips in the UK.

Asking her audience, she said: “Hi. Where are the best beaches in Britain? Like very quiet, hidden gem type ones.”

Many of her followers came in with useful tips, recommending some of their favourite destinations around the country, but as usual, it didn’t take long for some of the stranger comments to come in.

One user tried his luck at getting the ITV and TalkSPORT presenter over by inviting her to his house. He said: “Got a kids sand pit in my back garden?? Does this count?? Mrs is at work most days.”

However Woods was having none of it and quickly shot down his response, replying: “That’s what she says…”

Her comeback proved to be a success as her response received almost 3,000 likes while many reacted to the put down.

“Laura is proper cheeky,” said one user.

Another tweeted: “The comeback queen.”

A third said: “Sorry but @laura_woodsy is brilliant on & off radio.”

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Woods is unfortunately no stranger to bizarre comments. In December, the presenter brutally took down a sexist troll after he told her to “get back to the kitchen.”

In true Woods fashion, she had the last laugh, saying: ” Ohhh Mick. Nothing screams “I have a small penis” more than this old phrase. X.”

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