August 19, 2022

‘I just put 2.8 million in that Luna buy and it’s worth less than 50k’

If you think you’ve had a rough morning, spare a thought for KSI, who has managed to lose almost millions through a crypto investment after the market crashed.

The 28-year-old, real name JJ Olatunji, had purchased 100,000 of the cryptocurrency LUNA. Then, the crypto market collapsed with the price of bitcoin falling by 12 percent in the last 24 hours, Forbes reports.

This has had a huge impact on the wider market, with LUNA particularly hard-hit by the crash, losing almost all of its value in just 24 hours. It had previously ranked in the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market.

Last month, the coin had peaked at a value close to $120. At the time of writing, it has a value of $0.109 according to CoinMarketCap.

Taking to Twitter, KSI explained that he wasn’t bothered by the financial loss though.

In a thread, the YouTuber said that in recent years he had gone from “euphoric to depressed” and that he had “been so focused on money that I was slowly destroying the things that were important to me.”

He went on to explain that after seeking help from a therapist, he is now “finally at peace.”

Confirming his huge crypto loss, the social media star continued: “I just put 2.8 million in that Luna buy and it’s worth less than 50k. But that’s ok because I’m not dead. I’ve got my family, my friends and my vigorous work ethic haha.”

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He finished by saying he had “learned a lot during this crypto phase,” and is now “more focused and happier than ever.”

It’s unlikely KSI will feel the financial hit in his everyday life. Along with his YouTube career, KSI has earnt millions through his music and boxing bouts. According to the Mirror, the YouTuber had an estimated net worth of £16m last year, and has a £10m property empire.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the crypto market following this latest crash.

It is not unusual for the price of coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to rise and fall, with the crypto market being a volatile one.

But this crash has seen the market drop to its lowest levels since it began surging in late 2020.

In the last 24 hours, Ethereum – the second biggest digital coin – has lost more than 20 percent of its worth.

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