August 13, 2022

Price is said to have told awaiting media to ‘suck my d***’

Kate Price is on Friday waiting to hear whether she will be sent to prison for breaching a restraining order from ex-husband Kieran Hayler.

The 44-year-old TV personality was served a restraining order in June 2019 that banned her from contacting her ex-husband’s new fiancee Michelle Penticost directly or indirectly. She has admitted breaching that by sending Hayler, 35, a threatening text message that branded Penticost a “gutter s**g.”.

“Tell your c***ing w***e piece of s**t girlfriend not to start on me,” the message reads. “She has a restraining order so shouldn’t try antagonise me as she is in breach and I’m sure she doesn’t want people knowing that she was having an affair with you behind my back. That gutter s**g.”

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The mum of five, who recently said she should receive an MBE, appeared at Lewes Crown Court on January 21 after hurling a “tirade of abuse” at Penticost in the school playground. She admitted the breach and warned by the judge that “you committed the offence while on a suspended sentence and are at risk of going to prison”. Price is due to appear at the same court Friday.

MailOnline reported that Price told awaiting media to “suck my d***”.

Price has seen her fair share of legal trouble over the past year, having been served a 16-month suspended prison sentence for her ninth driving violation. The deal required that she undergo treatment for her drinking at the Priory rehabilitation centre.

She also narrowly dodged another sentence in January after paying £7,358 worth of fines at the last minute. Earlier this year, Price again escaped prison by striking a deal to pay off her debts.

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Regardless of today’s ruling, Price will still be facing legal issues as she battles another driving violation, with a magistrate court date set for July.

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