August 14, 2022

That’s some gross sheet

A new survey has revealed that a shockingly high number of single men rarely wash their bedsheets, presumably preferring to wallow instead of giving their sleeping arrangement a bit of a refresh.

According to a study conducted by bedsheet brand Pizuna Linens which quizzed 2,250 UK adults over the age of 18, it was discovered that just 29 per cent of single males admitted to changing their bedsheets once every two weeks. For comparison, 62 per cent of females that participated in the same survey admitted to washing their sheets at the same frequency.

Perhaps even more shocking – or less so, depending on the single males you happen to know in your day-to-day life – is the fact that 45 per cent of partner-less men happily admitted to only washing their bed sheets once every three or four months.

That’s not too great, is it?

We all know changing the duvet cover can be a bit of a chore but surely it’s not so hard that you prioritise laziness over cleanliness? However according to the work of Pizuna Linens, that sure seems to be the case for most solo Brits.

As for the reasoning behind these statistics, their survey revealed forgetting or simply not being bothered as the main impetus for leaving sheets to stagnate. Meanwhile the same study revealed that couples typically give their bed a refresh on average once every three weeks.

In case you were unaware, the recommended guidance for washing your bedsheets is split up in relation to the various different elements of the bed depending on how often – or long –  you sleep.

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For example, it’s advised that you wash your pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers once a week; while duvets and blankets should be cleaned once every two to three months; and pillows once every four to six months.

However it looks like most of us have been sleeping on the job when it comes to actioning this guidance, as the same report also indicated that 41 per cent of UK adults don’t even believe that the above is even true.

How often do you clean your sheets?

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