August 8, 2022

They’re not referring to Ben Chew

While the case might be on hold for the week, Captain Jack’s fervent fan base hasn’t been taking any time off as social media is now awash with rumours about Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez.

The 37-year-old is part of Depp’s legal team hired from international law firm, Brown Rudnick, and while his main attorney Ben Chew might have spent most of the time on the podium, Vasquez has played a key role in moments as well.

However, aside from making numerous objections to Amber Heard’s testimony during cross-examination, people have focused on how close she and the 58-year-old star seem at the counsel table and throughout the trial in general.

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That was just one of God knows how many compilations.

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While there is clearly a rapport between the two, another member of Depp’s legal team has unsurprisingly rubbished the rumours, labelling them as nothing more than fan fiction, according to TMZ.

That being said, it certainly won’t stop people from letting their imaginations run away – and a number of supposedly affectionate moments have people convinced that there might be something beyond their professional relationship.

When we say there are multiple compilations of these little moments, we mean there are genuine super-cuts where fans have clipped up every minor interaction and bit of body language as so-called ‘evidence’.

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Other people have analysed the apparent chemistry on an even more in-depth level:

It goes without saying that this is nothing more than fans getting wrapped in every minute aspect of this live-streamed case – as they have been since it began.

We expect it’ll be more of the same when proceedings resume on May 16.

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