August 14, 2022

His island is in the Bahamas

Johnny Depp‘s private island manager has testified in the ongoing defamation trial, claiming that the actor passed out drunk in front of his kids.

After Depp previously admitted to being a victim of domestic abuse, island manager Tara Roberts took the stand on April 26. Appearing via video conference call, Roberts said that Depp frequented his private island in the Bahamas with ex-wife Amber Heard and her friends, his family and mate Paul Bettany, according to the Mail Online.

During cross-examination from Heard’s legal counsel Elaine Bredehoft, the court heard of a 2013 incident aboard Depp’s yacht, the Vajoliroja, which he sold to author J.K Rowling.

Bredehoft asked Roberts whether she called an incident where Depp’s kids, Lily-Rose and Jack “were upset on the yacht and wanting to leave it immediately.” Roberts remembered the incident and detailed arranging transportation off the island for Heard and Lily-Rose. Jack had chosen to remain behind.

“Do you recall Lily-Rose saying to you she was upset because her father was drinking and he was trying to hide it from her?” Bredehoft asked – however an objection meant Roberts was unable to answer.

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In another question, the lawyer asked: “Do you recall Mr. Depp passing out in the sand face first?”

Roberts replied: “I recall he was passed out on the beach, he was out on the beach.”

She also confirmed that Jack was present for the ordeal and detailed how she “picked him up, brushed him off” and left him beneath a hammock with Jack.

Bredehoft tried to push Roberts for an answer regarding Heard covering up bruises with make-up.

“Do you believe Amber would cover up bruises to hide them from the kids?” she asked once, which was objected to, and so asked again: “Do you have any understanding whether she’d try to cover up bruises or cuts to keep them from the kids?”

The second question was also objected to.

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