August 20, 2022

She said he was ‘jealous, controlling’ and ‘drunk all the time’

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Ellen Barkin alleges that he “threw a wine bottle” in her direction during an argument in a hotel room back in the 1990s.

In her pre-recorded testimony from 2019 which was played on Friday, the 68-year-old actor explained how she and Depp had a relationship – strictly “sexual, not romantic” – which lasted for somewhere between three and six months.

Recollecting, she claimed that the 58-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star was either high or drunk “most of the time” and in one particular instance threw a wine bottle across the room whilst the pair were in a hotel.

The pair had actually already dated briefly back in 1994 but struck up another non-exclusive relationship in 1998 when they were shooting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is when she claims the incident occurred.

She detailed how “a fight was going on” between Depp and other people in his hotel apartment – though she couldn’t remember who – and how a bottle was thrown across the room to where she was situated.

While she says that neither she nor anyone else was struck by the bottle, nor does she know why he threw it, she suggested that it was clearly an incident that could have injured someone. Interestingly, Depp similarly alleges that the tip of his finger was severed after Amber Heard also threw a bottle at him.

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Barkin went on to characterise Depp, then in his mid-30s, as “just a jealous man – controlling”, often asking her, “where are you going? Who are you going with? What did you do last night?”; she even claims that Depp accused her of having sex with someone else after he found a scratch on her back.

She isn’t the only formerly flame to have discussed her relationship with the Hollywood A-lister, with ex Jennifer Grey having also referred to Depp’s supposed “ill temper”, jealousy and paranoia.

Moreover, during Heard’s cross-examination, she once again referred to the rumour that Depp had another altercation in a hotel while dating British model Kate Moss around the same period in the 90s, where he is alleged to have pushed her down the stairs – a story she claims to have been told by two different people.

You can see the extended highlights of Barkin’s testimony down below:


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