August 8, 2022

Well that told him

Comedian Jimmy Carr allegedly had an audience member thrown out for calling him a “c**t” during one of his standup sets.

In a TikTok clip uploaded in April, Carr, 49, appears to have locked horns with an unnamed audience member. After calling security, the man shouts: “Security! You f***ing c**t.”

Carr pointed out that the man seems a little too angry for a comedy show, branding him “an aggressive man.”

@natfromleicester Drunk guy vs Jimmy Carr #leicester #natfromleicester ♬ original sound – natfromleicester

The comedian then flipped the script, insinuating that the gent would wake up the next day and think he’s the “king of the c***s.” While the audience was still laughing, the anonymous man shouted something else before being escorted out by security to the chanting of “Cheerio.”It also appears like the man was there on his own.

The clip has since been viewed nearly 200k times.

Reacting to the inflammatory video, one fan wrote: “Jimmy Carr is funny and a good bloke. People need to get off his back with the Netflix controversy.”

“Omg I was there for this. What a ball bag he was,” another wrote.

The British-Irish funnyman recently shared his support for fellow comedian Dave Chapelle who was attacked on stage earlier this week. While Chapelle was relatively unscathed, with his attacker suffering a broken arm, the comedy community has largely rallied around their colleague.

“The Hollywood Bowl show with the legendary Dave Chappelle was crazy,” Carr Tweeted. “Just happy everyone’s ok.”

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Chapelle is expected to make a full recovery and be back making transphobic jokes in no time.

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