August 11, 2022

The celebrations have quickly turned to concerns for many

On Thursday night, James Corden announced that he will be leaving the Late Late Show next year.

By the time the Brit leaves the show in 2023, he will have spent eight years hosting one of American television’s flagship late night talk shows. After dozens of cringey Carpool Karaokes and painful Crosswalk Musicals, he’s departing.

But before we get into the funny reactions – and the worrying realisation some have made – here’s the one genuinely heartfelt tribute we could find.

That aside, Twitter was flooded with positive vibes following the announcement, not from people wishing him luck for the future and thanking him for his services to late night talk shows, but just everyone being absolutely delighted that he will no longer be clogging up their screens.

Some went as far as saying that Corden’s departure was a sign that the world is “returning to balance.”

But others had a dreadful realisation – Corden leaving the show that kept him busy most of the week will mean that he has more time to pursue other avenues.

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You thought he was in everything whilst he had a talk show three nights a week. Just imagine how much time he has on his hands now…

And the fanbase of one English show in particular, which Corden has already appeared in twice before, has suddenly become very very concerned…

There is one pretty good suggestion for what Corden could do after leaving the Late Late Show though.

Whatever happens, we’re just going to have to accept that it doesn’t matter which shows James Corden leaves or joins.

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The fact of the matter is that he has become a real-world Thanos – he is inevitable.

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