August 14, 2022

Ever classy from Cole

A hip-hop fan was in Dreamville after J. Cole turned up after her college graduation nearly a decade after promising to be at her high school ceremony.

The Grammy-winning rapper was spotted at the Rowan University’s class of 2022 graduation ceremony on Wednesday, according to Complex. While many students were surprised to see him there, the 37-year-old was there to celebrate the achievements of graduate Cierra Bosarge – a long-time fan that he had met almost a decade ago.

Speaking to Complex back in 2015, Borsage revealed how she called into a local radio station back in 2013 – around the time of the soon to be rap-icon’s second album, Born Sinner – all in the hope of having him wish her a happy birthday.

Three months later, the then-high schooler got a call from ‘Moe Dee’ himself, inviting her to meet him in person in Philadelphia. Borsage then went on to reveal that she had actually sent Cole a deeply personal and heartfelt letter four years prior.

In the letter, she explained how she was adopted and that her parents were “hooked on drugs, in and out of prison” and would love it if Cole would come to her high school graduation ceremony in their place.

As you can see below, after managing to dig out the letter and reading it twice, Cole made her a promise: get into college and he’d be there.

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Turns out, he lived up to his promise and then some.

Writing in a text message back then, it would seem the “No Role Modelz” singer found all the admiration and inspiration he needed from the teen.

A man of his word, not only did he turn up at her high school ceremony two years on from his promise – but cut to more than half a decade later and he made an appearance at her university in New Jersey to toast her success.

Aside from this being yet another wholesome fan interaction story (the stuff we live for), there is something very reassuring about seeing a celebrity play such key motivational part in a young person’s life.

Stay classy, Cole.

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