August 19, 2022

We miss wine already

With dry January in full swing and people’s blood alcohol levels slowly lowering from Christmas, many are wondering whether abstaining from drink for the month is actually beneficial.

While the festive period for kids is largely toy-based, adults across the world look forward to drinking way earlier than is usually socially acceptable.

Then comes New Year’s Eve, where millions of us try to forget the previous, harrowing twelve months by drinking ourselves silly – only to end up crying on the pavement at 3am with a fat kebab in-hand.

However after the debauchery of December, January arrives with a plethora of self-help techniques enveloped in a “New Year, New Me” energy.

But what actually happens when you give in to social pressure and give up booze for the month?

Guidance from the Priory Group suggests that the benefits are more plentiful than the money you would save from all those missed Sourz shots.

Week one is where most people fall – but by the end of the week, you could see your sleep begin to regulate. This means no staring at the ceiling for three hours or scrolling through Spotify looking for a white noise playlist.

You will also be significantly more hydrated, as you are not chugging beer-after-beer while playing Fifa.

After two weeks, you will find that your sleep and hydration quality has dramatically increased. Motivation and skin will also improve, so make use of the time and take as many banging selfies as possible.

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Any sufferers of heartburn or acid reflux may also see a reprieve.

Week three sees your blood pressure decrease, not to mention the buckets of calories you will have banked for a rainy day. If you are also embarking on a fitness journey in 2022, then you might be killing two bad habits with one stone – but if not, use those saved calories on cheese, obviously.

By week four, you might have broken a few electronic devices or perhaps cried into a pillow – but you’ve also made it through the month.

With numerous health benefits now under your belt, you could find yourself attracting new attention, so don’t let that go to waste – make sure to start an OnlyFans.

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