August 8, 2022

The average adult loses 285ml of fluid each night

If the thought of your bed turning into a petri dish disgusts you, then you may want to stop making it first thing in the morning.

According to Sherif El Sahly, who goes by @sherifelsahly on TikTok, beds are a top-rated vacation spot for dust mites.

While this is no scientific breakthrough, El Sahly explained that you’re actually creating the perfect habitat for them to breed by making your bed.

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“But if you keep your bed unmade it exposes the dust mites to light and fresh air which actually helps kill them off,” he explained.

The average adult loses 285ml of fluid each night, which can get trapped and aid in forming the perfect environment for your new bunk buddies. If you’re not grossed out enough, then just think about the 454g of dead skin you shed in your bed over a year.

Experts from The Sleep Council recommend pulling the sheets completely back to expose the mattress. It also goes without saying that washing them is key.

The TikTok has received over 80k views and attracted 1000+ comments, with many users sharing sentiments like, “Lazy wins.”

“That’s great, I never make it,” quipped another user.

But not everyone agrees, like one user who wrote: “Wash you’re sheets bro no human can control the amount of dust mites in a bed make your bed it’s good for your soul.”

“I always did and I’m gonna continue to do my bed first thing in the morning,” another wrote.

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