August 11, 2022

Martin Roberts has undertaken a remarkable 1,270 mile trip to take supplies to those in need

It all started with some Calpol in Costco but Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts has arrived at the Polish border near Ukraine with a van full of vital supplies for those fleeing the country.

Last week, the TV star shared an emotional video of himself outside a Costco after buying supplies to donate to those in need in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

He explained that he’d been touched by the kindness of strangers who helped him buy more Calpol as he was only allowed to buy two boxes at the checkout.

After this video went viral, a charity in Bournemouth got in touch with the property expert and asked him to join them on a convoy to Poland to take palettes of vital supplies to those entering the country from Ukraine.

After a 26-hour journey, Roberts has made to the border.

Earlier today he posted an update on Twitter from a refugee centre in Medyka on the Polish border with Ukraine, showing the donations of kids toys and bags that were already piling up ready for those who arrive across the border.

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He said it was the “little things” like the school bags and toys that brought home the true scale and horror of the events in Ukraine.

“This is kind of like a reception they come into and one of the first things you come across is this huge pile of kids’ bags and toys that have been donated,” he said.

“So hopefully the kids come in here and the first thing they can do is maybe pick up a little bag which has been donated by people.”

Brits across the country have been donating money and supplies to help those in Ukraine and on Monday the government’s refugee scheme was launched. which will allow people to house Ukrainian refugees.

One of those who has said they hope to be part of the scheme is Benedict Cumberbatch. Speaking to Sky News at the Baftas on Sunday night, the actor said: “Everyone needs to do as much as they can… there’s been a record number of people volunteering to take people into their homes, I hope to be part of that myself.”

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