December 4, 2022

A feature on Machine Gun Kelly’s guitar may have exposed a performing secret of his…

A member of staff in a guitar store claims to have “exposed” Machine Gun Kelly’s performing hack after highlighting an important feature on his guitar.

In a post on TikTok, Gunnar DüGrey, who works at Guitar Center shows the type of guitar that Kelly uses, which is a pink “signature Schecter.” He points out a “kill switch” on it which he explains “cuts off all the volume” on the guitar, making it “completely silent.”

So the TikToker wondered how MGK uses the guitar in his performances.

He then goes through screenshots of MGK performing with the guitar and – sure enough – every time it seems that the kill switch is in the down position, meaning the guitar is muted.

@gunnar_dugrey Machine Gun Kelly EXPOSED #JK #ProbablyJustACoincidence #FYP #MachineGunKelly #MGK #Guitar #GuitarDrama #Exposed #MGKExposed ♬ original sound – Gunnar DüGrey

The video has so far been viewed two million times and has racked up almost 300,000 likes.

One person compared it to when you “give your siblings the unplugged controller when gaming.”

Another simply commented: “There needs to be a kill switch for MGK’s music, period.”

A third said MGK “can’t play,” to which Gunnar replied: “Maybe he can, but we’d never know since his guitar is muted.”

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