August 15, 2022

Quite the story, if true

Dan Burn has been in impressive form since he moved to Newcastle United from Brighton and Hove Albion in January.

The defender joined his boyhood club and has been a part of the impressive turn around in form which has seen the Magpies climb well away from the relegation battle.

Burn’s performances in particular have been instrumental, and after Newcastle’s late defeat to Chelsea on Sunday, the 29-year-old was once again a talking point – just not for his work on the pitch.

After failing to track Kai Havertz for Chelsea’s winner, a close-up shot of Burn revealed that the 6’7 tall defender was missing a finger on his right hand – leading to a social media frenzy as users reacted to the unexpected sight.

One user tweeted: “Can’t believe after 3 seasons and almost 100 premier league games with 20 odd cameras capturing every move, only now have we found out that Dan Burn only has 4 fingers on one hand. Mental.”

Another user said: “I never realised dan burn was missing a finger.”

A third user said: “Goal aside… bit random as well, anyone clocked Dan Burn’s missing a finger?”

Another user said: “I was today years old when I realised Dan Burn has a finger missing.”

The news has sparked conversation and enquiries to find out how Burn lost the finger, but reports are scarce and there is no concrete evidence to explain how he has one finger missing.

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One unconfirmed rumour has suggested that the 29-year-old lost it when he was just 13. Burn was allegedly wearing a ring and attempted to climb a fence, only to get the ring stuck and in the process, rip off his entire finger. Grim.

Burn himself has yet to confirm these rumours and that’s all they are at this moment, but maybe one day the truth will be revealed.

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