August 14, 2022

Lizzie would rather be watching Netlifx

Royal fans have been left tickled after the Queen’s “savage” reaction to Alan Titchmarsh’s touching tribute for her Platinum Jubilee.

Sunday, May 15, saw the first of many broadcasted celebrations in honour of Queen Elizabeth II and her 70-year reign. Hosted live from Windsor Castle, viewers were treated to numerous celebrities and an appearance from the lady herself.

British gardening legend and staunch royalist Alan Titchmarsh paid tribute to the monarch and said: “For over 70 years, there’s been a constant heartbeat of this nation. And that heart belongs to her Majesty the Queen.”

While crowds cheered in agreement, the Queen remained poised for a moment before offering a casual shrug in response. Naturally, the internet is obsessed.

Imitating the 96-year-old ruler, one user wrote: “Fair f***s peasant.”

Another said: “Hilarious! Alan Titchmarsh talking crap and the Queen thinking wtf?!”

“Sycophantic gardener tells rich old woman she’s a Bobby-dazzler,” a third replied.

The Queen was also likened to Nelson Mandela by Titchmarsh, a comparison which was not received well online.

“One spent 27 years in prison to achieve freedom for his country and the other inherited a privileged position from daddy,” journalist Kevin Maguire commented.

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Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu wrote: “Comparing the Queen to Nelson Mandela is not only obtuse but an outright insult.

“Mandela sacrificed his life & liberty for his people – oppressed by the White Supremacy British Monarchy upholds

“The Queen could not walk in Mandela’s shadow.”

The royals hit the headlines last week after Prince Charles spoke about the cost of living crisis while sitting on a literal golden throne. Oh, and it was encrusted with jewels.

The irony was not missed by Twitter users, where one wrote: “But, mother, should I make the announcement from my gold throne with my jewel-encrusted crown, or without my jewel-encrusted crown?”

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