August 14, 2022

Finally, the answers we’ve been looking for

A psychic who specialises in casting evil spirits out from homes has revealed the main signs to look out for if you reckon your house is haunted.

Catarina Ligato is Australia’s foremost psychic healer – according to her website – and hosts the YouTube series The Australian Ghost Whisperer.

Speaking to FEMAIL she explained that ghosts who decide to hang around in the real world and haunt people are simply “scared and confused.” Bless ’em.

She said: “A lot of people go through their lives afraid of dying.

“So when they do die they are afraid and in shock that their life has ended and this can lead them to get stuck in this reality.”

So now for those signs you’ve been waiting for:

  • When the house or a particular room is always really cold

  • When you feel movement or footsteps when no-one’s there

  • Your personal objects move around

  • You move to a new house and start to argue, don’t feel at peace with your family

  • You always feel drained, like you are not sleeping well

Ligato goes into detail about one occasion when these signs seemed to exist, telling the story of one of her clients.

“I met this woman after her divorce, who said she and her husband had been soul mates, but then they moved house and it all changed,” she explained.

“He became a gambler and started cheating on her with sex workers, it was previously completely out of character.

“She said from the day they moved in they were arguing all the time. When she kicked him out she did research on the place and found out the guy who lived there before used to run sex slaves and was a horrible man,’ she said.

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So if you’re always experiencing unusual things such as *checks notes* being cold, misplacing objects, and sometimes arguing with your family, then we’re afraid to tell you that you’re definitely living in a haunted house.


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