December 4, 2022

The first ever totally unstaffed restaurant is being opened in the UK – a 24 hour a day ramen eatery where customers pay to enter the building.

EZ 24 RAMEN is due to open in Oxford later this year and the food will be cooked by machines.

Customers will pay for a daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions.

A day pass will cost £1.70 and monthly access will get customers up to 40 visits, using a code to enter the building.

Once inside, customers can eat noodles and toppings including pickles, kimchi, enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts and fish cakes, cooked in three minutes.


Vending machines will provide drinks, ice cream and meal kits, and there will be on site pinball machines.

Co-founder Indra Tor said: “I wanted to create a forward-thinking place that looks at how people live their lives today.

“The world has changed, and people’s habits are different.

“EZ Ramen is about being forward-thinking about technology and how we can create a restaurant that is different and embraces new things but also allow people to learn.

“There’s a lot of negatively sometimes around new tech, and we want to show people in an organic setting that if done right, the tech can be used to great effect and of course serve them some good ramen.”

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