August 15, 2022

It’s back – this time with double the hunk and fewer morals

Fans have been reacting to the sequel to one of Netflix’s most controversial films which had previously been described as “grossly misogynistic” and “glorifying Stockholm syndrome.”

We’re talking about the Polish film 365 days, the sequel to which – 365 Days: This Day – was released on April 27. It’s described as a ‘Romance’ movie – but it’s a genre we allocate loosely because there’s not a lot of actual romance unless you count bondage, which perhaps some do.

The first film follows a woman called Laura who is kidnapped by an Italian mafia boss who gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. After the year, she is free to go.

While the plot was compared to fan-fiction you might see on Wattpad and dubbed deeply problematic, arguably the biggest takeaway was the enormous amount of sex featured in the movie.

Seriously, it’s constant – so don’t be watching this with your parents. Better yet, put your headphones in.

The sequel includes more of the same – but essentially there’s trouble in gangster paradise and Laura fears that her hubby Massimo may be cheating. Naturally, to solve the issue she cheats herself. Laura’s eyes are drawn to gardener Nacho who – shocker – is actually the son of a rival Italian mafia.

There are guns, sex, questionable decisions, more sex and undoubtedly a string of takedown pieces brewing in the entertainment journalism sector.

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Reacting to the film on Twitter, one user wrote: “365 days: this day, you disappointed me. It was literally 90% sex scenes w/ 10% plot. and idek what that 10% was?”

“Netflix cancelled the society & anne with an E to spend money on 365 days,” another scathed.

“I don’t know what to say about 365 days: this day but Lord have mercy on that power walk scene,” someone else wrote, noting a particular scene involving the two leading men.

“365 days: this day— lord forgive me for im about to sin…. again,” a third prayed.

Another rightly pointed out: “Just aggressive sex and more aggressive sex.”

Such sentiments were echoed by another, who merely wrote: “Sex crazed.”

Will you be watching it?

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