August 20, 2022

Could, and should, Ederson have done more?

Ederson’s role in Real Madrid’s second goal against Manchester City during their Champions League semi-final has been described as ‘uncharacteristically weak’ by a goalkeeping analyst.

Vinicius Junior scored a spectacular solo goal to make it 3-2 in City’s favour on Tuesday night, with many people praising the Brazilian attacker for a clever piece of skill to create a chance for himself.

The Real Madrid man embarrassed substitute Fernandinho on the halfway line with a wonderful dummy, before driving into the penalty area and converting past the City shot-stopper.

Ederson was ‘uncharacteristically weak’

However, specialist goalkeeping analyst John Harrison, who has a Cambridge astronomy PhD, believes that Ederson could have done more to prevent Vinicius Junior from scoring during the pulsating 4-3 clash at the Etihad Stadium.

On Twitter, Harrison explained step-by-step how the Brazilian goalkeeper could have better dealt with the Los Blancos forward after he entered the penalty area.

He wrote: “Ederson is usually exceptional vs close range 1v1s but he was uncharacteristically weak vs Vini.

“Ederson correctly holds deep for Vini’s first touch in the box but he needs to start closing the space once Vini takes the second touch! Waiting till the third touch is too late!”

Harrison’s analysis was recently used by Liverpool legend and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football.

Carragher uses 1v1 stats to analyse Alisson

The former Reds centre-back used Harrison’s analysis to compare Liverpool’s shot-stopper against other goalkeepers in regard to how they deal with one-on-one situations.

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Speaking on Monday Night Football, the 44-year-old said: “John, thank you. I don’t just use Sky or Opta I will use anybody in the world who will prove me right. Thanks John boy.”

Harrison responded to Carragher’s praise by tweeting: “Cheers for the shoutout Carragher! It’s a dream come true to have my bespoke 1v1 modelling on #MNF to highlighting how important Alisson is to Liverpool!

“Understanding 1v1s & detailed 1v1 modelling is so important to both GKs & strikers given most seasons 33 per cent of all goals are 1v1s!”

Ederson’s struggles

The Brazilian shot-stopper endured a somewhat a difficult night against the LaLiga leaders. He was caught out by a smart volleyed finish by Karim Benzema that flashed into the bottom corner during the first half.

Ederson Vinicius Jr goal

Ederson was also chipped by Madrid’s talisman eight minutes from time, with the Frenchman producing a precise Panenka spot-kick to reduce the deficit ahead of the second leg.

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