August 8, 2022

Anderson .Paak also appeared inThe Contract’ DLC, released back in 2021

How Dr. Dre was convinced to appear in GTA V’s recent “The Contract” DLC has been finally been revealed.

If you’re like us and you’ve ever wondered how Rockstar managed to convince the hip-hop icon to pop up in GTA, the mystery has been solved thanks to some inside intel from a long-time collaborator.

The DLC, released in December 2021, features Dre appearing as himself in GTA Online as players essentially meet up with the rapper, producer and label owner through Franklin’s fixer missions after a phone containing unreleased music is stolen.

Speaking with BET, GTA 5 actor and radio host DJ Pooh, who has worked with Rockstar for years, revealed how he convinced Dre – who initially said he doesn’t play games or “make things for kids” – by simply taking his PS5 over to his house to play the iconic entry in the legendary franchise.

Pooh, who appeared in the DLC but is best known as the voice behind West Coast Classics radio station in the franchise, told the Black entertainment network how he brought his PlayStation over to Dre’s house and the rapper was immediately hooked by the sheer amount of things players could do in the 160 million copies-sold sandbox.

As he tells it, it wasn’t long before “The Next Episode”, “Still D.R.E.” and “California Love” writer was fully behind the project and arranged a meeting with Rockstar execs to begin working on a business relationship.

First appearing as a small cameo back in 2020 as part of the “Cayo Perico” update (the previous online DLC), most fans were thrilled to see him pop up but had no idea the team had bigger plans for him.

Credit: Rockstar – Dre’s first cameo in ‘Cayo Perico’ (L) and him alongside Anderson .Paak in ‘The Contract’

Rockstar was so committed to Dre’s role in the project that they even went so far as to build a working recording studio for him within their motion capture stage.

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Donning the infamous mo-cap suit covered in fuzzy balls is pretty standard in gaming these days – but going to such lengths to create an authentic atmosphere for such specific purposes is something else.

The 57-year-old even made an exclusive mini-album just for the game, featuring everyone from Eminem and Rick Ross to Ty Dolla $ign and Busta Rhymes.

Alongside fellow hip-hop artist Paak, you can see how the final product turned out in the now fan-favourite final mission.

Spoiler alert:

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