August 14, 2022

TW: Great crafting, terrifying result

Crochet babies may not sound too horrifying by concept alone, but as you will soon find out, the reality is a twisted mix between Chucky and every nan’s knitting pouch.

Posting to the Facebook page “Yaasss Witches” on February 26, an unnamed person wrote “Cute crochet babies” alongside a series of images.

Four photos show various crotchet babies, and we can’t imagine any kid would willingly snuggle close to them at night. One image shows a baby wearing a onesie that reads “Ich Bin euer kuschelbaby”, which is German for “I am your cuddly baby.”

Another image, who many have compared to Chucky, has tufts of orange hair and a little yellow blouse. Perhaps the most horrifying picture is a close up of one baby, its eyes seemingly follow you.

The post has since amassed over 1M likes, 82k shares, and 260k likes. Most of the comments are predictably shocked, with one writing: “I like them in a weird- they look like skin grafted tiny babies- kinda way, still cute, but evoking the response “what happened!?”

The best comment award goes to this complete 360: “My momma crocheted so I know it took lots of work! But they kinda look like burn patients.”

Via Facebook

Another questioned “Are these horror movie props?” which received 7k likes.

Others rightly commended the crafter’s dedication to the project. “It takes a lot of talent to make these babies, I would love to learn how. Love to crochet!” wrote one fan. Another commented: “Thank you for making these babies, hopefully people will will have more compassion.”

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