August 8, 2022

Trustpilot have since banned reviews on Three

Chelsea fans have decided to vent their anger over the ongoing situation with their club by leaving bad reviews for former shirts sponsors Three.

The telecommunications company severed ties with the club following the sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich by the UK government on Thursday.

Abramovich has had all of his UK assets frozen, including Chelsea, with the club given a special license in order to continue with “football-related activities.”

The Russian oligarch has also been disqualified as a director in the Premier League, the league confirmed in a statement on Saturday.

Fans of the west London club have been left outraged and have claimed that they have been punished for issues out of their control.

However it seems that the termination of Three’s sponsorship was the final straw for most supporters – who decided to act in a very mature manner (not).

Rather than dealing with the setback and moving on, they’ve instead decided to leave bad reviews of Three on Trustpilot.

There are a selection of poor reviews as fans of the European champions let their feelings be known.

One ‘customer’ said: “Worst possible service. I was only using them cause of the ties to Chelsea, but the service itself is genuinely the WORST of all the mobile services that I have used so far. Time to switch.”

Another user said: “I tried to cancel my contract this morning as I disagree with what three have done to Chelsea. They want to charge me an exorbitant fee to break my contract! I bet they paid Chelsea nothing. I have told them I will take this further because they are forcing me to leave by their behaviour.”

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A third user said: “Horrible network. Honestly shocking customer service as well. They don’t show anyone any support what so ever! Don’t use THREE again because it is horrendous . UTC KTBFFH.”

Another angry Chelsea fan posted: “Like their name suggests, they are at best 3rd rate. KTBFFH.”

As a result of the reviews, Three’s rating has dropped to just one and a half stars, forcing Trustpilot to temporarily close their page for new reviews.

Chelsea will play at Stamford Bridge for the first time since the fallout from Thursday when they face Newcastle United on Sunday.

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