August 20, 2022

One customer said he would ‘rather starve’ than eat in the pub because of the policy

A chef has caused controversy over their dog policy in his new gastropub.

Gary Usher runs a number of restaurants in England, and is opening a new one at The White Horse in Chester.

When asked by someone if his new restaurant would be “dog friendly”, he replied: “Of course.”

However this clearly upset some potential customers, with one saying they would “rather be starving and crawl to the next normal restaurant” than pay a visit to the dog-friendly gastropub.

Another said: “No thanks. Too many people thinking dogs in pubs is a good idea. Dogs are not people and shouldn’t be treated as such.”

The chef clearly wasn’t concerned at the fact they would be frequenting his new restaurant though.

“Didn’t realise liking dogs was so controversial. Chris would rather starve,” he said.

Others backed Usher as well.

Supporting the dog-friendly plans, a person said: “I have three cafes, I allow dogs in. I have barred humans but never a dog.

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